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Lodging / Lodging Process

Once you have decided to travel to Cuba and you are planning to stay in Havana in a private accommodation for a few days, the best way for making the reservation is through our web site. The procedure is simple. Click on the Lodging menu and select House Listing in the top of this page or click in the image just in the right of this paragraph, this action will guide you to the lodging area where you will tell us what are you looking for and some details of your trip for finding the accommodation you really want. We offer hostels all around havana and other important provinces.
Rooms Reservation
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The Process for booking an accommodation in cuba trhought our site is simple.


1.. Fill in the reservation form

2.. We will mail you back as soon as we receive your application.

3.. Keep in touch. We will do our best to fulfill your needs.

4.. Once you have decided to book a room(s) we will provide you the address of the house in Havana, names, contacts, and some other details you will need.

5.. When you arrive to the airport in Havana there will be a guide waiting for you to take you to the place you have booked. (taxi cost is not included)

Note that all the personal information we ask you, through this reservations process will only be utilized to contact you regarding the room reservation process. We will never send you any unsolicited e-mail. Your e-mail address and name will be keep strictly confidential.