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Lodging / Tips

1--First of all we strongly recommend you NOT to stay in a "casa particular" that is not legally authorized for being rented to foreign tourists, this can be a big problem for the owner of the place and for the tourist in self.
2--We think that is a very good idea to make in advance reservation because the lodging in cuba is sometimes hard to find , so.. taking into consideration that most of international flights comes late at night and with the tourism booming is sometimes difficult to find nice accommodations in havana.

Rooms Reservation
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cuba lodging tips  

3--You can ask to the owner of the place about breakfast and meals, it will be less expensive and you will have the posiblity of testing the real cuban food.
4--Don't change you dollars into pesos, it is better pay in dollars and you spend the same since one dollar is 25-26 Cuban pesos


5--Cuban people is peaceful and friendly there is no problems about going out late at night but we recommend not to go around with big golden chains in poor towns such as Jesus maria , La Timba , El Fanguito , etc. we also think is a good idea to leave the passport in the room (make a photocopy) and go around with it, if you loose the passport it'll take few days to leave the country.